EY launches ‘EY Catalyst’ to improve manufacturing

EY has announced the launch of EY Catalyst, a smart, connected and in-depth cloud-based operational excellence platform that can help supply chain and manufacturing businesses significantly.

EY Catalyst allows 24/7/365 access to businesses to an extensive IP database that contains tens of thousands of supply chain and manufacturing operational capabilities in multiple languages and has been in use for more than 20 years in major companies across Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Australia bringing significant benefits to companies in both developed and emerging markets economies.

This world class platform seamlessly combines Operational Excellence leading practices (Lean Six Sigma, TPM, Autonomous Maintenance, among others) with Industry 4.0 disruptive technologies (Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Smart Energy Management, and others). It is a unique solution that builds workforce competencies from a strategic perspective as well as on digital execution capabilities to improve productivity and move towards zero loss on the shop floor.

Businesses will be able to tap into a database that includes self-assessments, custom-built operational excellence journey maps, leading practices, training tools and analytics capabilities at any time to help plan, manage and monitor their operational improvements. These operational excellence tools will be directly accessible to the shop floor through mobile apps.

The cloud-based platform further gives businesses access to performance assessments which they can tailor for each part of their organization, with reporting and tracking capabilities that measure progress, along with interactive e-learning tools.

Ashish Nanda, Partner and India Leader – Supply Chain Advisory Services, EY said, “Companies in India are increasingly looking to integrate improvement methodologies into one road map which will help them increase their top-line growth while delivering the productivity improvements needed to achieve bottom-line goals. The EY Catalyst platform is yet another way we are working in India to help businesses transform their end to end supply chains into strategic assets and valuable sources for competitive advantage, with advanced capabilities to help increase sales, reduce risk and raise cost competitiveness.”

“EY Catalyst builds leadership alignment and organizational capability across all layers of the hierarchy, thereby facilitating a continuous improvement culture. With the launch of this world-class platform, it will further help us strengthen our position as a global leader in operational excellence consulting, and it positions EY as a leader in manufacturing and supply chain performance improvement globally and in India,” added Nanda.


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