ESSO-INCOIS develops Sagar Vani app for fisherman

ESSO-Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) under Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) has developed Sagar Vani app for fisherman. 

ESSO-INCOIS has adopted technologies and tools for the timely dissemination of ocean information and advisory services that includes Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) advisories, Ocean State Forecast (OSF), High Wave Alerts and Tsunami early warnings. In order to effectively and timely disseminate ocean advisories to fisherman, an Integrated Information Dissemination System (IDS) named Sagar Vani has been developed by ESSO-INCOIS through the Industry Gaian Solutions. 

The app was launched by Minister of Science & Technology, Earth Sciences and Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Dr. Harshvardhan. 

The Sagar Vani is a software platform where various dissemination modes will be integrated on a single central server. The Sagar Vani includes multilingual SMS, voice call/audio advisory, mobile apps (User/Admin modules), social media (Facebook and Twitter), e-mail, GTS, fax, digital display boards, radio/television broadcast units, IVRS, cloud channels, etc. The system also has the facility to provide access to various stakeholders (NGOs, state fishery departments, disaster management authorities, etc.) so that they too will be able to further disseminate these ocean information and alerts to the user community. 

This Sagar Vani services will be disseminated in local languages using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. For the first time in India, ESSO-INCOIS is also using television and cable network mediums for topical and alert dissemination services. 

The Sagar Vani will serve the coastal community, especially the fishermen community with the advisories and alerts towards their livelihood as well as their safety at sea. This will benefit around 927,120 fishermen who are involved in actual fishing either full time or part time.


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