eSanjeevani completes 8 lakh consultations

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s initiative eSanjeevani, the national telemedicine initiative, has completed 8 lakh consultations till date.

eSanjeevani is fast emerging as a sought after and popular means of seeking health care, especially during the COVID-19 times in order to avoid physical contact while still benefiting by quality services. Over 11,000 patients are seeking health services on a daily basis in 27 States/UTs. eSanjeevani is also facilitating some states as a model that can serve patients throughout the year, especially in the far flung and remote areas.

The top ten States which have registered highest consultations through eSanjeevani and eSanjeevaniOPD platforms are Tamil Nadu (259,904), Uttar Pradesh (219,715), Kerala (58,000), Himachal Pradesh (46,647), Madhya Pradesh (43,045), Gujarat (41,765), Andhra Pradesh (35,217), Uttarakhand (26,819), Karnataka (23,008) and Maharashtra (9,741).

eSanjeevani’s variants of telemedicine namely – doctor to doctor (eSanjeevani AB-HWC) and patient to doctor (eSanjeevaniOPD) are consistently growing in terms of users on both sides i.e. patients/health workers on the one end and doctors on the other.

eSanjeevani AB-HWC was launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in November 2019 and it is to be implemented at 155,000 Health and Wellness Centres under Govt. of India’s Ayushman Bharat Scheme in Hub & Spoke model by December 2022.

eSanjeevani AB-HWC is functional at over 4,700 Health and Wellness Centres and over 17,000 doctors and health workers have been trained on its use. eSanjeevaniOPD, the second variant of this ambitious initiative, was rolled out on 13th of April 2020 during the first lockdown when OPDs across the country were closed to prevent COVID-19 infections. So far 16 districts have registered more than 10,000 consultations and over 100 districts have registered more than 1,000 consultations.

Over 7,500 doctors have been trained and on board to provide telemedicine services on over 220 online OPDs on eSanjeevaniOPD. eSanjeevaniOPD enables access to OPD services by the patients in the confines of their homes. Over 100 telemedicine practitioners have completed more than 1,000 teleconsultations and a few of them have logged over 10,000 consultations.

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