Elisa & Varjo showcases VR broadcast

Elisa, a pioneer in telecommunications and digital services and technology enterprise Varjo have showcased to virtual reality (VR) broadcast with 5G that matched the quality of human eye resolution.

Similar VR broadcast will be presented in Mobile World Congress 2020. In the experiment Elisa, the forerunner of 5G services, is responsible for producing communication technology whilst Varjo provides VR glasses. Technically solution is utilizing 5G network and cloud technology as 5G Edge Cloud solution.

Varjo´s VR glasses are designed for industrial use and are capable of multiplying the resolution of those VR glasses meant for consumer use. In Varjo´s case image quality equates to 64 Full HD screens. Virtual reality becomes so real that it is hard to tell it from the genuine real life view.

Virtual reality performed in such high quality brings remarkable possibilities for telemonitoring and even for demanding rescue missions, virtual education and industrial design.

“The virtual reality produced by Varjo is a great example of new services that 5G enables. This service is useful for corporations in many different tasks and when 5G is becoming more common these possibilities will multiply. Elisa continues to develop new 5G services for both corporate and consumer customers,” said Petteri Svensson, Vice President, Connectivity at Elisa.

“Having video with human eye resolution and utilizing 5G to stream it, we can enable perfectly natural telepresence everywhere in the world. 5G ja Edge Cloud are going to be an essential part of the future of XR devices. These technologies will make wireless terminal devices and unlimited computing power possible,” said Urho Konttori, Founder and Product Lead at Varjo.


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