Diu Smart City floats RFP for Project Management Consultant

Diu Smart City has floated RFP (Request for Proposal) for the appointment of strategic management consultant and project implementation and project management consultant for design, development, implementation and monitoring of smart city proposal of Diu Smart City Limited.

The objective of this consulting assignment is to appoint a strategic management consultant and project management and implementation and monitoring consultant to pursue the following functions: To facilitate institutional development of the SPV and preparation of master project schedule and business plan for the SPV; To design & develop, manage, implement, and oversee area-based development and pan city components under the Smart City Mission (SCM) in Diu; To develop and facilitate the tourist and tourism promotion programmes, events and activities; To facilitate projects to be undertaken on a PPP basis; To coordinate for integration of all convergence projects with the Smart City project; To provide project management, monitoring and evaluation services to DSCL; and To provide programme management services for the Diu Smart City project.

The Diu Smart City vision is broken down in three goals – Promotion and diversification of tourism industry through heritage tourism, waterfront tourism and wetland tourism; Creation of vibrant economy and society through supporting local economy, improving quality of life and citizens facilities through e-health, e-education, integrated service management, traffic and parking management, central and control centre; install CCTVs, install smart kiosks and others; and Protecting and enhancing the environment through green transport and environment conservation.

Diu Smart City Limited (DSCL), the Special Purpose Vehicle formed for implementation of Smart City Proposal intends to implement these projects and seeks to appoint a Consulting firm for providing project management and implementation consulting services.

The island of Diu is situated in the vicinity of Gujarat and forms a part of the Union Territory of Daman and Diu. The island has an area of 40 square kms, while that of the city is 17 square kms. Diu is unique geographically, culturally and environmentally. It has 30 kms of coastline with several beaches and 7.5 square kms of wetlands. It has rich environmental reserves such as 516 hectares of forest area and bird sanctuary.

Diu has developed as a tourist city with its unique mix of architecture and presence of pristine beaches and seafront. It annually receives more than16 lakh tourists with a variety of interests and cultures.


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