Dimension data to digitise Indian telco

Dimension Data has been appointed by an Indian telco to embark on a digital transformation journey for its shared services centre.

Dimension Data is helping the telco transform its existing network and cybersecurity posture to ensure the service provider’s network is future ready, agile, flexible and scalable.

The digital transformation will provide RoI (Return on Investment) in 3 years with a 30% YoY cost benefits on the overall operational cost.

The shared services centre is a strategic initiative of the global telecom group and is located in various states across India. It offers an extensive portfolio of services in a secured way across key verticals like: Technology, Operations, Enterprise, Finance, Business Intelligence & Analytics and Human Resources in more than 20 markets and to several group companies of the global telecom provider.

Dimension Data is helping the firm move to a centralised hub and spoke model, thereby establishing a robust management framework and ensuring timely delivery, underpinned by robust security.

“We have engaged with them at many global locations for the past six years and have positioned the best in class technology – from plan to design, to build, to manage and maintain – for a robust network along with our Managed Services. The centralised management system will provide the company with greater flexibility, higher quality of service at a lower cost, increased turn around time and faster deployment of technology for the firm along with proactive risk mitigation,” said Raghuveer HR, Sales Director, Dimension Data India.


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