Digital India: Digital payment and mobile manufacturing shines

Mobile manufacturing has grown by 27 per cent whereas digital payment has grown by over 300 per cent in the last one year

India is making rapid strides towards Digital India as Aadhaar has covered over 99 per cent of the adult population. In terms of total number of Aadhaar connections it is 119 crore in 2017 vis-a-vis 104 crore in 2016. The increase in Aadhaar number is definitely beneficial to digital payment in a big way. In the last one year, in terms of digital payment, India has grown by 300 per cent thanks to Aadhaar.

There has been a significant growth in digital payment thanks to the initiatives taken by the government in the aftermath of demonetization.

The BHIM/UPI has shown an increase from 4,000 transactions per day (November 8, 2016) to 25.6 lakh transactions per day (October 18, 2017). The mobile wallet transaction has increased from 22 lakh per day (November 8, 2016) to 88.43 lakh per day (October 18, 2017) whereas debit cards transaction has increased from 40 lakh per day (November 8, 2016) to 80 lakh per day (October 18, 2017). All this statistics shows that India is embracing digital payment in a big way and this is bound to increase thanks to the convenience and ease of use.

There has been a stupendous growth in e-Taal (Electronic Transaction Aggregation & Analysis Layer) in various e-Governance services. Today, e-Taal registers 4.5 crores transactions per day up from 2.07 crore in 2016 thereby integrating over 3,506 e-Services.

Digital India Snapshot 2017:

Aadhaar: 119 crore numbers generated

Digital Payment: 300 per cent growth

MSIPS Proposals: Increased from 217 in 2016 to 242 in 2017

MSIPS investment: Increased from Rs. 1.23 lakh crore in 2016 to Rs. 1.57 lakh crore in 2017

Mobile Phone Manufacturing: 17.5 crore mobile units manufactured in 2016-17

DigiLocker: 197 crore document have been placed

Direct Benefit Transfer: Rs. 2.43 lakh crore transferred; saving of Rs. 57,000 crore in last 3 years

e-Taal: Registers 4.5 crores transactions per day

India BPO: 18,160 BPO seats allocated. Another 13,822 seats allocation nearing finalisation

Jan Dhan Accounts: 30 crore

Jeevan Pramaan: Over 150.15 lakh pensioners have registered

Jan Suraksha Schemes Registrations: 15 crore

MUDRA: 9 lakh people got Rs. 4 lakh crore of loan

Soil Health Card: 9.5 Crore Soil Health Cards made

eNAM: 50 lakh registered farmers; 455 agri markets linked

National Scholarship Portal: 1.4 crore students registered

GeM: 4,600 buyers and 14,512 sellers registered

Internet Users: 50 crore

No of CSCs: 2.7 lakh

Source: DigiAnalysys

In terms of electronics/mobile manufacturing, the number of MSIPS proposals have increased from 217 in 2016 to 242 in 2017, a growth of 11.5 per cent whereas MSIPS investment has increased from Rs. 1.23 lakh crore in 2016 to Rs. 1.57 lakh crore in 2017. Out of this 105 are mobile and ancillary units. In terms of mobile phone manufacturing, India has manufactured 17.5 crore units in 2016-17 up from 11 crore units in 2015-16 (India is home to 121 crore mobile phone users of which 40 crore are smartphone users).

DigiLocker, launched in July 2016, serves as a platform to enable citizens to securely store and share their documents with service providers electronically after giving due permission. So far, over 197 crore document have been placed in DigiLocker enabling access to over 88 lakh users. For the first time both CBSE 10th Class results and NEET Results were also sent digitally into Digital Locker.

Aadhaar is being used as a digital platform to enhance governance. Jeevan Pramaan, an Aadhaar based platform for biometric authentication of pensioners and senior citizens was launched on November 2014 and over 150.15 lakh pensioners have registered on the portal till date.

A total of Rs. 2.43 lakh crore have been disbursed through Aadhaar based Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) to beneficiaries of 394 government schemes which have led to saving of Rs. 57,000 crore in the last 3 years by removing fictitious accounts. Through this process a total of 2.33 core bogus ration cards and 3 crore fake LPG connections were also identified.

Around 2.7 lakh CSCs (Common Service Centers) are active and offering digital services like Aadhaar enrolment, ticket booking, utilities payment and other e-Governance services to citizens. MyGov, a citizen-centric digital collaboration platform that empowers people to connect with the government & contribute towards good governance has over 50 lakh active users under 64 groups who contribute their ideas through 756 discussion groups and participate through 701 earmarked tasks.

India has still a long way to go on Digital front as the focus should be now on local language on the mobile front which will help in increase in Digital payment in a big way. On the mobile manufacturing front, the focus should be on increasing indigenisation as we move froward and the industry is moving towards it in a big way.



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