Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom signs MoU

Deutsche Telekom and SK Telecom have signed an MoU to accelerate the strategic partnership in areas of LTE and 5G networks, OTT media, security and cloud industry.

Both the companies agreed to evaluate potential options to optimize their partnership, including joint participation in development, marketing, investment, and the establishment of a joint venture entity.

Tim Hottges, Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Telekom said, “The expansion of the partnership will help both companies strengthen our global technology leadership and offer 5G and other innovative services to our customers.”

Park Jung-ho, CEO and President of SK Telecom said, “Going forward, SK Telecom will continue to strengthen partnerships with companies of both home and abroad to accelerate the 5G ecosystem.”

At the Deutsche Telekom booth and at the SK Telecom booth at MWC 2019, visitors can create their own personal IDs based on blockchain technology. The Blockchain Mobile ID allows users to experience the benefits of self-sovereign identities and better utilize and protect their own personal data: they can choose which data to share and with whom, scan QR codes, download and share booth documents while collecting virtual tokens that can be redeemed for prizes.

SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom also both set up a ‘Social VR Experience Zone’ at their booths to jointly demonstrate ‘Social VR.’ At the zone, visitors are able to watch a soccer game together in the same virtual space while chatting with each other and sharing comments about the game – no matter at which booth they are actually located. The two companies invite visitors to dive into a deeper level of the virtual reality world of the 5G era by enabling them to experience more intuitive media and communications beyond the limitations of location and language.


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