Department of Telecom (DoT) Releases Compendium of Circulars

Minister of State for Communications (Independent Charge) Shri Manoj Sinha today released the First Edition of Compendium of Circulars on Compliance, Technology, Security, Administration and Rural Matters. Shri Sinha said that the telecom industry has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade. With a large number of Licensees in the country, a need was felt for bringing in uniformity of the understanding, and clarity and consistency in the interpretation of License conditions. He emphasized that this compilation of important circulars will be very useful for the officers of the DoT field units for a uniform understanding of the procedural rules and will bring them and the service providers on the same page.

Shri Sinha further said that the DOT field units under DG Telecom are playing a vital role in planning, monitoring and implementation of DoT policies and projects across the country. He expressed the hope that the compendium will become an indispensable document for all the stake holders and practitioners in the field of Telecom.

Shri Sinha informed that DoT has issued a number of guidelines in respect of License agreement, CAF verification, EMF related and other licensing related issues. As the arms of DoT have reached every state, there is a challenge of establishing co-ordination between the various units and verticals of DoT. A need of comprehensive compilation of the guidelines was felt to bridge the gap between various DoT units and also with the Telecom Service providers. He further added that this compendium will help in this co-ordination by enabling consistency in the interpretation of rules and circulars.

On this occasion, Shri Sunil Kumar, DG (Telecom) said that the compendiums will be helpful not only for all the field officers posted under different verticals of the 22 LSAs. It will provide transparency in decision making by field units as well as other units of DoT. The various service providers governed by these circulars are also likely be benefitted. He further added that these compendiums not only will facilitate handy reference to guidelines and circulars issued by various units of DoT HQ but also it will act as a repository in understanding the mechanism being followed by DoT in dealing with field issues.



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