CRI Pumps to replace one lakh agriculture pumps with IoT

CRI Pumps has bagged an order from Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) in Andhra Pradesh to replace one lakh agriculture pumps with Internet of Things (IoT) enabled pumps.

The order is worth Rs.150 crore for implementation of the Agriculture Demand Side Management (AgDSM) program in association with Government of Andhra Pradesh. The AgDSM program is aimed to replace existing inefficient agriculture pumps with BEE five star rated energy efficient pumpsets along with Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart control panels with estimated energy saving potential of 25 per cent. These pumpsets are provided at free of cost to farmers with free maintenance for five years. The project will cover over 40,000 farmers in Andhra Pradesh.

Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, Energy Efficiency Services said, “The implementation of AgDSM program is crucial as electricity bills for agricultural pumpsets are being paid by government in the form of subsidy. Currently, over two crore pumpsets are used in agriculture in India consuming 173.2 billion units of electricity per annum. Over five lakh new pumpsets are added each year. Low-cost or free electricity coupled with high inefficiencies contributes to adoption of inefficient and unreliable pumpsets, resulting in massive water wastage and high energy consumption.”

The government has earmarked Rs.400 crores for the project added Saurabh.

G. Soundararajan, Vice-Chairman, CRI Group said, “The highly energy efficient pumpsets, equipped with laser welded stainless steel impellers for corrosion resistance are supplied with IoT enabled smart control panels for seamless integration. The IoT enabled pumpsets will help farmers to monitor through their mobile phones; the working condition of the pumps; switch on and off the pumps using their mobile phones any time, from anywhere; monitor power consumption; track performance in real time; and also get message alerts through their mobile phones if anyone tries to steal the pumps. The pumps are also programed to automatically switch off when there is no ground water or stop in power supply. In addition to high levels of energy savings, it will make operating the pumps easier for farmers as well as bring down repair costs.

“The electricity department can also remotely monitor power consumption details, quality of power, running hours and various other parameters,” added Soundarajan.

Shashi Kant, Regional Manager & Deputy General Manager, Energy Efficiency Services said, “The AgDSM program in Andhra Pradesh in the first phase involves replacement of one lakh old inefficient pumpsets with BEE 5 star rated energy efficient pumpsets along with smart control panels. Over the next few years, 15 lakh inefficient agriculture pumps will be replaced in the State. The program aims to save 349 million units of energy per annum amounting to savings of Rs.139.60 crores per annum for the government. The project duration is 5 years.”

The campaign for energy efficient pumps is backed by the Union Ministry for Power, Government of India.


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