Cognitive Systems extends WiFi Motion leadership

Cognitive Systems, creators of Aura WiFi Motion technology, announced that Aura WiFi Motion stack now takes advantage of nearly all WiFi devices, “Leaf” nodes, connected to a network.

Additionally, with this breakthrough, Cognitive Systems expands its leadership position in WiFi Motion and is one step closer to its vision of the Cognitive Home: a home where all IoT devices, even from different manufacturers, work in harmony to offer the best value for the consumer.

With the Leaf node architecture, Cognitive Systems is taking advantage of this trend and has leveraged the home WiFi network to function as a WiFi Motion sensing platform, eliminating the need for traditional motion sensors. Unlike other sensors that use light or heat, Aura WiFi Motion uses wireless radio frequency (RF) signals to detect motion in the home, and is more dependable, since it limits false detections. Aura WiFi Motion has the ability to see through walls and in the dark, for full home coverage.

“At Cognitive Systems, we bring proven and practical applications of WiFi Motion to the market. Our extensive testing and QA processes have enabled us to productize our technology and deliver a robust feature set for the real world. This is a major leap beyond experiments conducted in a controlled environment, which while exciting, are not replicable in reality,” said Taj Manku, CEO and co-founder of Cognitive Systems.

“Qualcomm Technologies is helping revolutionize the smart home through the Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform, by providing cutting-edge connectivity and unique platform capabilities, like motion detection,” said Gopi Sirineni, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies.

“By offering Aura Wi-Fi Motion as a platform feature, Cognitive Systems is providing a new and essential user interface to advance smart home experiences,” added Sirineni.

Aura WiFi Motion Stack is available for licensing to companies developing products for the smart home, such as mesh routers, cameras, TVs, speakers, voice assistants and other IoT devices using WiFi chipsets from Qualcomm Technologies, Cypress and Marvell.

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