Cisco to acquire Sentryo

Cisco has announced its intention to acquire Sentryo, a company focused on providing automated device visibility and protection for OT assets.

This acquisition will help Cisco customers with 3 problems: Visibility, Segmentation and Operations.

Visibility: Network enabled passive deep packet inspection (DPI) capabilities to discover IoT and OT assets, and establish the communication patterns between devices and systems. Sentryo’s sensor is natively deployable on Cisco’s IOx framework, it can be built into the industrial network these devices run on instead of adding additional hardware.

Segmentation: As the device identification and communication patterns are created, Cisco will integrate this with DNA Center and Identity Services Engine (ISE) to allow customers to easily define segmentation policy and specific actions. This integration will allow OT teams to leverage the IT security teams expertise to secure their environments, without risk to the operational processes.

Operations: For OT users, Sentryo also provides Operational visibility like PLC Start/Stop, operational events, as well as programming changes being made to PLCs, RTUs, and other industrial devices. With these capabilities OT can ensure maximum uptimes, production yields, improve safety, while maintain a robust cyber security posture.

Sentryo is the pioneer in solutions dedicated to managing the cyber risk of M2M networks and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).


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