Cisco ties up with Google for public WiFi

Cisco has tied up with Google and is working with Google Station on a mission to include one billion people in the growth opportunities of the digital economy through public WiFi.

The program will provide communities with limited connectivity around the world sustainable public WiFi that is easily accessible, secure, fast and reliable.

Infrastructure and scalability issues, market and regulatory support, and sustainability challenges have all contributed to this glaring issue. In order to make WiFi a sustainable business for ISPs, venues, and governments in these communities, Cisco and Google Station intend to work together to: Provide access to capital via Cisco financing; Simplify operations by combining Cisco networking technology and integration services with Google network management; and Improve experience through secure, fast, reliable WiFi that’s easy to access.

“We chose to work with Cisco on the Google Station initiative because they offer the networking technology, finance capabilities and global reach to enable sustainable public WiFi,” said Mahesh Bhalerao, global director of partnerships, Next Billion Users at Google.

“We share the belief that making WiFi truly sustainable is an important puzzle piece in solving global connectivity issues,” added Bhalerao.

“We are excited to partner with Google Station, ISPs, and governments to connect one billion people to new economic opportunities,” said Scott Harrell, senior vice president and general manager, Enterprise Networking Business, Cisco.

“By making public WiFi sustainable, we are breaking down the barriers to widespread wireless access,” added Harrell.


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