China Mobile: No. 1 global operator in 5G services

As of end-February 2020, the company has attracted 15.40 million customers thereby making it No. 1 operator globally

As of the end of February 2020, 5G plans attracted 15.40 million package customers – maintaining an industry-leading position. For the consumers, the company has launched exclusive plans for 5G customers and launched services such as ultra-high definition videos, cloud-based games and full-screen video connecting tones.

In terms of verticals, the company has explored the possibility of combining 5G with AICDE capabilities, extending collaboration in the industry and deep-diving into classic manufacturing scenarios to develop leadership in 5G smart manufacturing, 5G remote medical services and 5G automated mining and among other sectors. The company has implemented a total of 50 group-level demo application projects.

China Mobile has accelerated the implementation of 5G by formulating well coordinated development for both 5G and 4G. The company is presently operating more than 50,000 5G base stations and commercial services is operational in 50 cities.

Yang Jie, Chairman, China Mobile said, ‘We implemented our “5G+” plan to spearhead the development of “four growth engines”, comprising the customer, home, business and new markets. These measures have helped us obtain positive momentum in overall operating results, which was a hard-earned achievement for us in a tough year.”

The 5G model has assimilated all emerging technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, big data and edge computing into 5G (5G+AICDE) and the company has developed more than 200 critical capabilities, while making breakthroughs in over 100 5G joint projects which will be of great help in future.

The company is also developing 5G ecosystem by tieing up with other industry players. The 5G Innovation Centre and 5G Industry Digital Alliance has definitely helped the company to attract more than 1,900 partners. The partnership is not only limited to industry players for 5G use cases but also device ecosystem through 5G Device Forerunner Initiative where it is guiding manufacturers to launch around 32 5G devices.

In 2020, the company is planning to overcome the impact of the novel coronavirus outbreak on business development and 5G network construction. The epidemic has bolstered the growing trend of businesses and customers going online and using more digital and cloud-based services, among other opportunities arisen. The company will leverage these opportunities, as well as the 5G network to further develop the information and communications services market.

Looking ahead, 5G presents infinite possibilities for the company. The company is planning to speed up technology, network, application, operations and ecosystem upgrades, accelerate industry transformation by converging technologies, integrate data to strengthen information transmission in society, and introduce digitized management to build the foundation for digital society development. By doing so, China Mobile will seek more extensive 5G deployment, covering more sectors and creating greater efficiency.

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