C-DOT’s Bamboo Wi-Fi is an innovation combining the technology and nature

C-DOT has designed and developed the main Wi-Fi system supporting IEEE 802.11 b/g/n in the small form factor to house inside the bamboo stem and provision of external antenna connection for larger coverage range suitable for hotspot purpose. The bamboos are evergreen perennial flowering plants and available in abundance in South Asia especially India. In bamboo, as in other grasses, the internodal regions of the stem are usually hollow.

C-DOT has been using naturally grown bamboo which can serve as Omni antenna to provide Wi-Fi signal coverage in 360 degree. The complete antenna circuitry has been designed and housed inside the bamboo after cleaning the nodal region of the stem. The internodal regions of the stem are usually hollow but the nodal region is extremely hard and for the design of natural Omni antenna the cleaning of hard nodal region is very important.

The team has designed and developed a specialized tool for the cleaning of nodal region of bamboo for fixing the complete Wi-Fi electronic and antenna circuitry. The bamboo was treated with anti-termite and water-resistant coating to make it all weather IP65 equivalent.

The technology research organization has also filed patent for the tools designed for the cleaning of hard nodal region which is required for fixing approx. 3 ft long antenna plate, Wi-Fi circuitry and cable for power and backhaul without damaging the bamboo stem.

C-DOT bamboo Wi-Fi is a very efficient, low powered, cost effective indigenously designed product. This is the green initiative of C-DOT to use the naturally grown commonly available bamboo to develop Wi-Fi system to work as hotspot. It is designed to provide Wi-Fi connectivity at any heritage building (to protect its aesthetic legacy), building of national importance, outdoor parks and defense establishment and insurgency areas.

It can be installed as hotspot in any public places as well and can be installed as PDO in WANI framework as per the recent TRAI guidelines for public hotspot. Through WANI complaint APP user can assess internet as per the purchased plan after e-KYC verification through mobile OTP.

With the help of C-DOT Bamboo Wi-Fi, users can easily setup a Wi-Fi infrastructure at any place where Ethernet backhaul is available.

There is provision for static content in built in the Bamboo Wi-Fi system which serves local contents. Due to very low power requirement, the system can be made up on mobile power bank as well.

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