BSNL and Sensorise to provide connectivity for 2 lakh vehicles 

BSNL has signed up with Sensorise Digital Services to provide secure connectivity for 2 lakh vehicles by offering compelling bouquet of Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions.

BSNL is enabling secure and embedded connectivity for the government mandated public transport safety projects in India, including the support for state sponsored initiatives such as Chennai auto fare metering, C-DAC in Kerala, ORSAC in Odisha and many more. Other than the states, several leading vehicle manufacturers and device OEMs have benefitted from the solutions.

The BSNL and Sensorise partnership caters to the frugal and high QoS (Quality of Service) requirements of the Internet of Things (IoT) market, attending to even minor details of the IoT use cases, with innovative capabilities such as device locked SIMs, “bootstrap” plan for factory and pre-market phase of the IoT product, best-fit commercial plans, remote diagnostics, long life embedded SIM that works for the life of the IoT device even in industrial environments.

SensoriseQoSim and SenseLCM IoT Lifecycle Management Platform, enables security, factory fitment, remote management, self-care and diagnostics for any IoT/M2M use case offering various form factors of the M2M SIM, other than the Sensorise capabilities in firmware development and machine learning.

Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL said, “BSNL and Sensorise have complemented each other in supporting the requirements of the emerging M2M ecosystem, solutions, security, connectivity and lifecycle management in several prestigious infrastructure projects successfully addressing the requirements of more than hundred thousand connected devices. We are very confident of continuing the market disruption with the partnership, both in India and in opportunities that require Indian devices to be deployed internationally.”

Sharad Arora, Managing Director, Sensorise Digital Services said, “Together with BSNL, Sensorise is enabling the proliferation of IoT/M2M solutions in various segments such as automotive, telematics, health, home and office automation offering cutting edge solutions with the solderable SIM, remote management, vertical applications and analytics.”

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