BRICS to focus on IoT, 5G, big data, data analytics and AI

BRICS countries will enhance joint research, development and innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing, Big Data, Data Analytics, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and 5G to elevate the level of ICT infrastructure and connectivity in their countries as per BRICS Leaders Xiamen declaration.

The BRICS countries will advocate the establishment of internationally applicable rules for security of ICT infrastructure, data protection and the Internet that can be widely accepted by all parties concerned, and jointly build a network that is safe and secure.

There will be an increase investment of ICT, recognize the need to further increase investment in ICT research and development, unleash the dynamics of innovation in producing goods and services. The countries will encourage identification and facilitation of partnership between institutes, organizations, enterprises in the implementation of proof of concepts and pilot projects by leveraging complementary strengths in ICT hardware, software and skills through developing next generation of innovative solutions in the areas of smart cities, health care and energy efficient device, etc.

BRICS countries will support active collaboration in implementing the BRICS ICT Development Agenda and Action Plan. The countries will also support setting up of the BRICS E-Port Network that will operate on a voluntary basis and the establishment of the BRICS E-commerce Working Group. 

Living in the era of digital economy, BRICS countries are ready to use opportunities it provides and address challenges it poses for the global growth. The countries will act on the basis of principles of innovation, partnership, synergy, flexibility, open and favorable business environment, trust and security, protection of consumer rights in order to ensure the conditions for a thriving and dynamic digital economy, that will foster global economic development and benefit everyone.


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