BreezeERP is focusing on verticals like retailing, trading and distribution businesses: Abhishek Rungta, Founder & CEO, Indus Net Technologies

Abhishek Rungta, Founder & CEO, Indus Net Technologies

What was the earlier version of ERP called and the number of corporate customers where the ERP was sold?

The earlier version of ERP was InFluxERP and was targeted exclusively towards the financial brokerage house. We realized that the evolving verticals now demand specialized products and hence carved BreezeERP to serve the retail and trading segment. Our earlier ERP have been sold in about 40 large businesses.

Name corporate customers of InFluxERP?

The clients of InFlux ERP solutions are Kredent Group, Ortem securities, GRD, BMA and others.

Which are the target verticals for BreezeERP?

BreezeERP is focusing on verticals like retailing (with focus on consumer electronics), trading and distribution businesses.

What is the cost of BreezeERP?

We have a flexible pricing structure which depends on the modules and customizations to be incorporated. We have both a high Capex and low Opex model and conversely a low Capex and high Opex model for outright license purchase. For smaller businesses, we have a SAAS model where businesses pay a monthly fee/store basis with a minimum commitment of engagement.

How is BreezeERP different from earlier version of ERP?

BreezeERP is highly focussed towards the verticals mentioned above. It understands the business demands and tries to automate most of the transactions, extending it to the latest technologies and mobile devices.

Are you selling BreezeERP in India as well as globally? If global, which countries are you looking for selling BreezeERP product?

As of now, we are focussing only on selling the ERP in the Indian market. Once, we have a foothold in the domestic market, we might go global.

What’s the area of focus for IndusNet Technologies and what’s your plan on addition of manpower in the next 2-3 years?

Indus Net Technologies is already amongst the largest digital companies based out of Eastern India with about 750 employees all across the country, concentrating on critical verticals like BFSI, Pharma and retailing. The ERP team has been set up and is continuously growing and evolving to come up with further solutions and cutting edge innovations.


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