Bill & Keep helps in making services affordable: Reliance Jio

Implementation of Bill & Keep regime will help in making services more affordable for Indian customers and should have been implemented in 2014 as envisaged in the 2011 Report submitted by TRAI to the Supreme Court as six years is too late.

Commenting on TRAI IUC announcement, Reliance Jio spokesperson said, “Jio is committed to implement the most efficient telecom network in India and passing on the benefits of technology to Indian customers.”

“Reliance Jio has always offered free voice services to its customers and there is no question of any advantage from the new IUC regulation to Jio as it has already passed on all the benefits to customers and we deny any benefits to Jio. At a time when the world is moving towards IP-based technologies, cost of voice has come down to a fraction of a paisa and the customers should enjoy this advantage,” added Jio spokesperson.

The Delhi High Court earlier today dismissed the petition of one of the incumbent operators while pronouncing that the appeal fails to show any violation of Section 11 (4) of the TRAI Act, 1997 (principles of transparency).

Commenting on mobile termination charges, Jio spokesperson said, “It is appalling that the incumbent operators have still gone ahead and made untrue and baseless allegations against the process for determination of IUC or the regulator. The incumbent operators have a history of opposing all the IUC regulations over the last 8 years, but have not been successful in thwarting passing of the benefits of lower IUC to customers.”

“References to financial stress in the industry or the need for IUC to promote rural coverage again shows the attitude of the incumbent operators wherein IUC is being treated as a subsidy that the Indian customers must pay to sustain these operators financially,” added Jio spokesperson.


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