BICS to deploy third fiber between Marseille and Paris

BICS has announced it will deploy a third fiber route between Marseille and Paris, lowering latency and protecting inbound voice and data traffic from Asia and the Middle East.

This will consolidate BICS’ position at the forefront of backhaul provision in Europe, bridging Asian and Middle Eastern traffic to Europe via two primary entry points: Marseille in France and Southern Italy. The route is expected to be commercially live by the end of the year.

The launch of two new high capacity cables, AAE-1 and SMW-5 is putting pressure on existing telecoms infrastructure. Additionally, outages due to natural disasters and social conflicts often jeopardise the quality of service experienced by mobile users in affected regions, negatively impacting customer experience and provider reputation.

To address these connectivity challenges, BICS has partnered with the largest Internet exchange points AMS-IX, LINX, DE-CIX, NL-IX and France-IX, and offers the possibility to connect to major cloud service providers like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. In doing so, BICS can provide customers with secure connectivity solutions: disaster recovery, diverse route protection and guaranteed low-latency performance delivered and managed by a single provider.

“At BICS we are committed to providing our customers with the very best in connectivity. Our capacity solutions – powered by an extensive global network – are unrivalled, and can easily cope with the growing capacity demand from both current and new customers,” said Shady Masarweh, Head of Capacity Business Management, BICS.

“We are constantly striving to provide customers with a fully diverse, protected network. The deployment of our third route between Marseille and Paris will proactively address any link failure problems, potential latency problems, and allow us to handle additional traffic load to ensure the best end-user experience,” added Masarweh.

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