AWS commits $20 mn for COVID-19

AWS (Amazon Web Services) has launched AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative and has committed an initial investment of $20 million to accelerate diagnostic research, innovation and development of COVID-19.

Funding will be provided through a combination of AWS in-kind credits and technical support to assist customers’ research teams in harnessing the full potential of the cloud to tackle this challenge.

The program will be open to accredited research institutions and private entities that are using AWS to support research-oriented workloads for the development of point-of-care diagnostics (testing that can be done at home or at a clinic with same-day results). Given the need, the emphasis initially will be on COVID-19, but the company will also consider other infectious disease diagnostic projects.

The AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative will benefit from the counsel of an outside technical advisory group consisting of leading scientists, global health policy experts, and thought leaders in the field of infectious disease diagnostics.

This advisory group will help set the initiative’s priorities, help us innovate ways to enable participants to securely share critical research findings, and foster better dialogue between our customers and qualified external organizations who may be working independently to solve similar challenges.

Steve Davis, member of the World Health Organization’s Digital Health Technical Advisory Group and a member of the AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative’s technical advisory group said, “The world needs more and more private sector innovation to combat this pandemic. Amazon’s commitments and participation are very welcome, particularly since the lack of significant next-generation diagnostic tools remains a large gap in most health systems. A platform to link research, digital capabilities, and new products to customers globally is an exciting venture.”

AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative is launched with participation from 35 global research institutions, startups and businesses focused on tackling this challenge.

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