Auxledger blockchain implementation exceeds 53 mn in India

Auxesis Group, a global leader in blockchain enterprise solutions has announced its enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, Auxledger implementation which holds more than 53 million Indians till date making it the largest blockchain network in India.

Auxledger enables organisations to quickly deploy a blockchain network and build business logic on top of it. Auxledger has the support from the state governments and has enormous reach and potential, partnering with Cashaa offers an attractive boost in network effect and value for both platforms.

The company aims to revolutionise a series of public and private sector use cases in India, including identity management, remittance, asset management, supply chain, wearables in defence, healthtech, education and finance. Start from many live applications, the company has done many proof-of-concept programmes for EY, PwC, VISA, IIT Bombay for a range of different use cases.

“We are excited to support Cashaa, a proven blockchain use case and technology in India by providing Auxledger infrastructure. Together with the state Govt of India, Auxledger’s first implementation holds more than 53 million Indians till date,” said Akash Gaurav, CEO, Auxesis Group.

According to Cashaa Co-founder Janina Lowisz “Auxledger’s live use cases in the blockchain sphere are already impacting millions of lives. For Cashaa, Auxledger is the ideal technology for identity management, compliance and banking integration as it is meeting the specifications of BFSI and governments. Our revolutionary technology empowers millions of Indians living abroad who send back home more than $80 billion every year. Our technology will also connect the Western population to the advantages of the world’s fastest growing economy with 1.3 Billion people.”

Auxledger is one of the offerings of Auxesis Group, a global leader in blockchain enterprise solutions who is ranked among the Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Companies. Auxesis Group was founded at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay, India`s leading University, with which Auxesis partnered since to open India`s first Blockchain Lab.


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