AT&T plans 5G demonstration at Austin Convention Centre

AT&T is planning 5G demonstrations inside the Austin Convention Centre.

5G demonstrations will involve communications between up to 3 fixed (FX) base stations and up to 6 user equipment (UE) units placed within 100 meters of the base station antennas.

The 5G air link will be used in demonstration of digital technologies requiring very high speeds and low latencies, such as 4K TV, volumetric video, and eSports/mobile gaming. The base station and the UE antennas will be placed indoors at a height of less than 4 meters above the floor inside the Austin Convention Center located at 500 E.

The base station will have connectivity to an internal server providing content over the 5G air interface for this demonstration. The UEs can provide services to various devices through Wi-Fi access points connected to the UEs via Ethernet cable.

The 3GPP has developed 5G standards that became available in 2018. 5G systems will utilize advanced antenna technologies with beamforming and multiple in multiple out (MIMO) technology, as well as more efficient coding and modulation schemes. These technologies are expected to result in higher spectral efficiencies, reduce latency to 1-5 milliseconds, and enable gigabyte per-second (Gbps) mobile and fixed broadband services, significantly faster than today’s average 4G speeds using long term evolution (LTE) connections.


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