Amazon leads US online smartphone sales in Q1 2018 has become one of the leading online sales channel in the US contributing 22% of total smartphones sold online.

Amazon is No. 1 in smartphone sales due to a wide portfolio of devices, impeccable customer service and a growing base of Prime house olds and Prime smartphone bundles.

Online smartphone sales grew to 12% of all smartphones sold in the US in Q1 2018, up from 9% a year ago. Carriers’ online portals captured a combined 33% of total online smartphone sales while their physical retail footprint captured three-fourths of the total offline sales. Apple iPhones were the most popular models across both online and offline channels.

According to the latest research from the Counterpoint, the share of the online smartphone channels grew to 12% share of the total US smartphone sales in Q1 2018. Despite US consumers being massive online consumers, brick and mortar establishments remain king when it comes to purchasing smartphones.

Commenting on the competitive landscape, Research Director Peter Richardson said, “Among carriers, Verizon was the largest online sales channel with its large tech consumer base, only behind Amazon in terms of total online sales. was the third largest online channel capturing just under 11% share of total smartphones sold online in Q1 2018. National retail giant Best Buy followed closely in the fourth position.”

Richardson added in terms of OEM share, “Apple continued to lead both online and offline sales channels. Samsung had a higher share in offline channels compared to online channels as online sales represent a low percentage of total Samsung smartphone sales compared to Apple. Brands such as BLU, Google, and Huawei have a greater proportion of sales coming from online channels than Samsung. Some niche players such as OnePlus and Huawei (Honor) are strategically selling into the US market via online channels only to avoid expensive investments in offline store fronts.”


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