Airtel to rollout 6,000 sites and 2,000 km OFC in Gujarat

KC Narendran, CEO-Gujarat, Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel to roll-out plans 6,000 new sites and 2,000 km of optical fiber in FY2018-19 to further expand its high speed mobile data footprint across the state of Gujarat.

As a part of its network expansion program – Project LEAP, Airtel announced its plans to add more than 6,000 new sites in FY2018-19, along with the deployment of an additional 2,000 km of optic fiber across Gujarat. While stepping up the data capacities and taking services deeper into rural and unconnected areas, the massive roll-out would mean addition of 16 new sites every day to Airtel’s future-ready network in Gujarat. This would further enhance the customer experience on India’s fastest network.

This network expansion will follow the massive ramp up of Airtel’s network in FY2017-18 which witnessed over 6,600 new sites being deployed across Gujarat, extending Airtel’s mobile broadband footprint in the state to 20,000 towns and villages which significantly improved customer’s user experience.

With this roll-out, the number of Airtel’s mobile sites in Gujarat would go up by 25% to 29,000, further enhancing the network speeds and voice quality. The addition of fresh optic fiber would extend Airtel’s fiber backbone to 13,800 KMs, supporting the growth of high speed data services in the region.

KC Narendran, Chief Executive Officer – Gujarat, Bharti Airtel said, “As India’s leading smartphone network, we have committed ourselves towards the availability of best-in-class mobile broadband experience to our users in the ever-buzzing state of Gujarat. We will continue to invest aggressively in the region and take our network capabilities to the next level with more than 29,000 mobile sites by the end of this financial year, ably backed by a scaled up and strengthened infrastructure. We remain fully committed to contributing towards the Government’s vision of Digital India with our enhanced speeds, reach and coverage.”


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