Agra Smart City floats RFP for ITMS

Agra Smart City has floated a RFP (Request for Proposal) for implementation of Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), adaptive traffic control system, CCTV and surveillance system.

The master system integrator for ITMS shall make a detailed survey of communication (OFC) network of a service provider, electrical supply network availability and GIS mapping of proposed locations of all CCTV cameras, smart bus stops, IoT sensors (environment), display signage, traffic lights, solid waste management Infrastructure, etc. in order to complete the various components of smart city project in Agra.

The Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) shall be the central repository for management and monitoring of all based ICT based smart city components such as solid waste management system, smart street lighting control system, WiFi, smart transport, smart bus stops, CCTV surveillance, digital signage, IoT sensors (environment) and PIS and all other smart city applications will be integrated, and centrally monitored, tracked and managed from the Operations Command Centre (OCC) shall be ergonomically designed with area for video wall, operators, offices, conference room, all other amenities, etc. The system integrator shall setup data center, disaster recovery center & data backup storage facility at the CCC or Service Provider (SP) end.

The integrator shall install CCTV cameras at various location across the city for surveillance along with Public Address System and Variable Message Signboard (VaMS), Emergency/Panic Box System, etc. The master system integrator shall install CCTV cameras at various location across the city for traffic management and enforcement system like RLVD/ANPR, speed detection, etc.

Smart environment sensors will gather data about pollution, ambient conditions (light, noise, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure), weather conditions (rain), levels of gases in the city (pollution) and any other events on an hourly and subsequently daily basis.


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