Adrian Kenya selects GenCell A5 fuel cell for 800 towers

GenCell Energy, the fuel cell power solution provider and manufacturer, today announced that Adrian Kenya, a leading African telecom integrator will install GenCell A5 off-grid power solution at 800 telecom base stations across Kenya.

Shipment and installation of the GenCell A5 fuel cell solution will begin in Q4 2018. Replacing diesel generators with green fuel cell power will enable Adrian Kenya to realize an expected savings of $84 million over 10 years and reduce its carbon footprint by 248,000 tons.

The GenCell A5 is the world’s first affordable off-grid primary power alternative to diesel generators. It provides cost-effective, ultra-reliable, noise-free and weather-independent power for off-grid and poor-grid telecom base stations at a lower OPEX than diesel generators.

“For the last 20 years, diesel generators have been the dominant primary power source for off-grid or poor-grid base stations,” says Bernard Njoroge, Managing Director, Adrian Group.

“But today they are no longer a good fit for modern businesses that seek to minimize OPEX costs or for the environmentally conscious world in which we live,” added Njoroge.

“GenCell’s ability to create hydrogen from low-cost ammonia to power its fuel cells is a true technological breakthrough with profound impact for the telecom industry. We can now enjoy all the benefits of fuel cells—ultra-reliability, low maintenance, no noise, and zero emissions—with a compelling business case that is too good to ignore. Installing the GenCell A5 Off-Grid Power Solution is good for our business and the environment,” commented Njoroge.

The low maintenance of the GenCell solution further reduces its OPEX for Tower Management Companies (Towercos) and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). Unlike diesel generators that require time-consuming and expensive monthly fueling and maintenance at each tower, a single 12-ton tank of ammonia provides the GenCell A5 with enough fuel for a year of 24/7 operation.

In addition, the GenCell IoT Remote Manager enables remote diagnostics, monitoring, and maintenance of each fuel cell device, reducing the frequency and costs of onsite engineer visits.

“We are delighted to announce that Adrian Kenya is the first commercial customer in Africa for the GenCell A5 Off-Grid Power Solution following its launch two weeks ago,” comments Rami Reshef, GenCell CEO.

“Adrian Kenya’s decision to replace 800 diesel generators with our fuel cell power solution is an affirmation of our business case and our company vision. We believe that many other Towercos and MNOs will switch from polluting diesel generators to our robust, green fuel cell solutions to power their off-grid and poor-grid towers,” added Reshef.


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