5G connects music performance in London and Berlin

London’s oldest entertainment venue – the 2,000 year-old Roman Amphitheatre in the Guildhall Complex – has embraced 5G to team up with the historic Brandenburg Gate Museum in Berlin for two simultaneous performances connecting the two venues.

In one performance conductor Peter Wiegold conducted two ensembles, one in each venue, simultaneously. The live performance of Ali Hossaini’s Epiphany was streamed into the Amphitheatre via camera feeds processed in real-time through 5G data transmission. With the ultra-low latency of 5G the time lag was virtually negligible.

In another performance Mischa Dohler, Professor of Wireless Technology and Head of the Centre of Telecommunications Research at King’s College, London, played the piano in Berlin while his daughter Noa simultaneously sung the KISS song ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You’ in London.

As part of the partnershp, Ericsson’s involvement included providing 5G equipment during the June 22 performances. The City of London Corporation and Kings College London were partners.

King’s College and Ericsson also demonstrated 5G capabilities in the City Centre, an exhibitions and events center dedicated to the built environment within the City of London, through an immersive 5G installation. Users were able to navigate around London using a fully accurate 3D interactive digital model of the City.

Catherine McGuinness, Policy Chairman at the City of London Corporation said, “It is great to see two world-class cities, both leaders in innovation, find new ways to see their historic sites thrive in the twenty-first century.”

Mischa Dohler says: “It is the product of years’ long engagement with important stakeholders in technology and the arts.”

Marielle Lindgren, Head of Ericsson UK and Ireland said, “We believe that working in collaboration with governments, industries, operators and academia will be key to the success of 5G and we’re proud to work with King’s College and the City of London Corporation to showcase the kind of innovation that 5G can enable in areas such as the performing arts.”


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