WEF to partner Reliance for 4th Industrial Revolution

engineer works industry diagram on virtual computer as concept

The World Economic Forum has announced establishing a new centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution in Mumbai, India in partnership with Reliance Industries.

This is being set-up in partnership with the Government of India and Reliance Industries. The C4IR in India will operate as the Sister Center to the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco, allowing policy makers and thought leaders in India to stay ahead of the curve through unique insights in new forms of governance and new technology applications, and connections with cutting-edge technology innovators globally.

The new economy will greatly benefit from the outcome of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in a digital age and is expected to create significant value to countries that embrace them quickly by accelerating their GDP and job growth. These opportunities include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain amongst many others.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been championing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They have been leading the discussions and shaping the agenda of its potential impact on addressing inclusive growth and solving some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity, by using a combination of multiple technologies and tools. It is in this context that the WEF has established Center for Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) in the Silicon Valley at San Francisco, as Silicon Valley is already home to several of these exciting developments.

The capability for India to maximise the potential and minimise the risks of the Fourth Industrial revolution, both domestically for its economy and society, and globally as a major economic and social innovator — and cultural influencer – will be one of the foremost drivers for prosperity and peace over the coming decades.



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