3300-4200 MHz emerges globally as a key spectrum for IMT

The 3GPP ecosystem continues to expand and 3300-4200 MHz spectrum range is increasingly becoming available globally for International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) technologies according to Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA).

A large number of countries in different regions are exploring the opportunities for IMT, including 5G, in this spectrum: countries are taking action in order to reach 200-400 MHz of contiguous bandwidth in the 3300-4200 MHz range for 5G. Based on national circumstances, it is also expected that a given regulator may make different portions of the 3300-4200 MHz range available at different times, incrementally building large contiguous blocks. 

This large amount of spectrum will enable contiguous spectrum assignments to operators in the order of 100 MHz or more allowing operators to reap the full benefits of the 3300-4200 MHz frequency range for 5G.

“We have already seen the dramatic growth of mobile video during the past 5 years and the success of 4G/LTE deliver a wide range of mobile applications,” said Lasse Wieweg, Chairperson, GSA Spectrum Group. 

“Applications such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), connected transport and smart cities will increase the spectrum need in our industry and the 3300-4200 MHz spectrum range will be important to help mobile operators and others deliver the feature rich services that are being demanded by customers,” added Wieweg. 

Alessandro Casagni, Vice-Chairperson, GSA-Spectrum Group said, “3300-4200 MHz is the largest continuous bandwidth for IMT below 6 GHz with clear potential for the global harmonization of 3400-3600 MHz and initial take up for 5G at 3300-3400 and 3600-3800 MHz. Global harmonization of spectrum for IMT will benefit everyone and support growth in an efficient and economical manner.”

Joe Barrett, President, GSA said, “The GSA Spectrum Group is actively working on multiple spectrum projects in all regions around the globe and supporting regulators, administrations and the broader mobile telecommunications community regarding spectrum issues. GSA already represents the leading suppliers in the mobile industry and is proud to support mobile broadband development with a harmonized and standards based approach. We invite all suppliers of the telecom industry and beyond to join GSA and support the development of 3GPP technologies.”

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