Indian Railways to deploy drone cameras

Indian Railways has decided to deploy drone cameras for project monitoring, maintenance of tracks and other railway infrastructure.

Indian Railways has given directions to all zonal railways to procure such cameras as this is in-line with Indian Railways desire to use drone technology to enhance safety and efficiency in train operations.

Drone cameras shall be deployed to undertake monitoring activities of relief and rescue operation, project monitoring, progress of important works, conditions of track and inspection related activities. It shall also be used to assess preparedness of non-interlocking (NI) works, crowd management during fairs and melas, to identify scrap and also for aerial survey of station yards. It is going to be instrumental in providing real time inputs related to safety and maintenance of tracks and other railway infrastructure.

Under this initiative, West Central Railways (WCR) with headquarter at Jabalpur has become the first Zonal Railway to procure drone cameras in Indian Railways. West Central Railways has already done a trial run of those cameras last week on its all the three divisions – Jabalpur Division – Narmada Bridge near Bhitoni; Bhopal Division – Nishatpura Yard and Third Line work between HBJ – Misrod; and Kota Division – Chambal Bridge near Kota and Dakania Talav Yard near Kota.

WCR further plans to use drone for project monitoring in 3rd line work of Bina-Katni; doubling work in Katni-Singrouli; important bridge inspections and monsoon preparedness in deep cutting portions of ghat sections of Bhopal and Jabalpur Divisions.


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