3 mobile processor/platform for 5G and 26 chipsets for M2M and IoT says GSA

The pre-commercial Samsung Exynos 5G, Intel XMM 8060 and Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 will all support mmWave frequencies (at 28 GHz in the case of Intel and Qualcomm chipsets; no details are confirmed for the Samsung chipsets).

According to GSA, the chipset vendors use three different terms – Discrete Cellular Modem, Mobile Processor/Platform and 3GPP IoT Chipset to describe their products. In toto, there are around 159 chipsets and multiple chipset companies.

3GPP IoT Chipset is a modem or mobile processor/platform designed primarily for use in IoT devices and supporting 3GPP IoT-oriented user equipment categories (specifically, LTE Cat-1, Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1). 26 chipsets are designed specifically to address M2M and IoT applications and supporting any of LTE Cat-1, Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 equipment. Companies providing chipsets for M2M and IoT are: Altair, ARM, CEVA, GCT, Global Foundries, Intel, MediaTek, Neul, Nordic Semiconductor, Qualcomm, RAD Microelectronics, Sanechips, Sequans and Sequans/STMicro.

Discrete Cellular Modem chipset in a single package is designed primarily to handle the transfer of data across the air interface. It will contain the transceiver, filters and power amplifier, and handle signal modulation/demodulation, duplexing modes and carrier aggregation. Modem chipsets are often – but not always – built to support specific regional requirements, in different variants (SKUs, or stock-keeping units). Generally, a cellular modem chipset will not deliver capabilities such as GNSS positioning or powerful processors for applications or graphics. There are 22 chipsets from Hi-Silicon, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung and Sanechips.

Mobile Processor/Platform chipset that encompasses a cellular modem along with additional processors to deliver more functionality in a single package. Again, region-specific variants may be produced. The extent of additional capabilities varies significantly between models; some, but not all, contain powerful graphics processors for image and video applications.

Mobile processors/platforms chipsets may be designed for specific types of devices (such as automotive components, smartphones, tablets or laptops). This category includes chipsets designed for FWA devices (routers, gateways) as well as those for mobile devices.

111 commercially available mobile processors/platforms from 13 vendors – Altair, GCT, Hi-Silicon, Innofidei, Intel, Leadcore, MediaTek, Qualcomm, Renesas, Samsung, Sequans, Spreadtrum and Xiaomi.


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