3 Denmark and Huawei joint deploy SingleRAN solution

Photo of Roskilde Festival

3 Denmark and Huawei has jointly deployed SingleRAN 4T6S solution on the network covering Roskilde Festival.

During Roskilde festival, the cell throughput reaches 18 GB/h and the user-perceived rate reaches up to 83 Mbps, which has achieved an increase of 85% as compared with the previous year. This greatly improves the communication experience of all visitors gathering together for this music feast.

Roskilde Festival is one of the largest music and cultural exchange activities in the Nordic region. More than 130,000 visitors from around the world would come to this music town with an area of around 166,000 square meters each year to participate in the grand event. The participants would like to share the spectacular moments with their beloved ones and friends in real time, and therefore a massive number of users would occupy the limited spectrum resources almost at the same time. This brings great challenges to the mobile communications network.

To cope with the situation, 3 Denmark decided to deploy Huawei’s latest 4T6S solution (as a part of the SingleRAN Pro solution) and perform capacity expansion at both 1.8 GHz and 2.6 GHz bands in advance. The updated network is sure to handle the onsite heavy traffic and provide premium user experience. With the multi-antenna and multi-sector technologies, the 4T6S solution doubles the capacity and supports 4×4 MIMO, improving site capacity and user experience.

With the 4T6S solution, resource congestion is greatly relieved, resulting in higher transmission rates. The average upload and download time is shortened approximately by 82% and 79%, respectively. The enhanced convenience in mobile communications helps stimulate the suppressed traffic requirements, and as a result, the traffic in the area increases by 105%.

Kim Christensen, director – network, 3 Denmark said, “We decided to adopt Huawei’s 4T6S solution for this year’s grand festival. This is a joint innovative practice for both 3 Denmark and Huawei. I am pleased to see that the 4T6S solution has measured up to the expectation, delivering smooth service experience for all users. People can enjoy clear voice calls and HD videos anytime and anywhere.”

Chen Chuanfei, Vice President – LTE Product Line, Huawei said, “In the cooperation with 3 Denmark this time, this solution has shown excellent performance in handling heavy traffic during the big event. In this best practice, the 4T6S-enabled sites across the festival location are used as the basic layer for traffic absorption and a small number of emergency communications vehicles are deployed at several extreme hotspots.”


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