20 cities developing Command & Control Centre

In India, 20 cities are planning to develop Integrated Command & Control Centre to enable fast and efficient citizen service delivery in an integrated way.

10 more cities have also issued tenders for developing Command & Control Centers whereas Command & Control Centers are operational in cities such as Pune, Surat and Vadodara.

The Integrated Command & Control Center projects which enable fast and efficient citizen service delivery in an integrated way, are being developed in 20 cities and are already operational in cities like Pune, Surat, Vadodara, producing positive results. 10 more cities have issued tenders for developing command and control centers in their cities.

Delivering his inaugural address at National Workshop on Accelerating Implementation of Urban Missions: AMRUT and Smart Cities, Hardeep S. Puri said, “For smart reuse and wastewater projects, 33 cities have issued tenders, and work has begun in 16 of them. In order to promote renewable energy usage in the cities, projects for providing solar projects on rooftops of government buildings have been encouraged. Till date, 44 cities have issued tenders, and work has begun in 38 cities. Most of these cities have completed their projects.”

Informing about the Smart Cities Challenge, Puri said, “More than 24 lakh citizens were consulted through MyGov website and almost 120 lakh through other means. The challenge is to conduct citizen consultation during implementation.”

The AMRUT and Smart Cities Missions can be seen as inter-linked programmes where AMRUT follows a project-based approach and Smart Cities Mission is an area based strategy. Although area based approach is not new, the way Smart City is conceptualized, it is meant to set examples that can be replicated both within and outside the Smart City.

The minister informed that the city wise service level improvement plans (SLIP) for all the 500 cities and State Annual Action Plans (SAAP) for all the 36 states/UTs with a project investment worth Rs. 77,640 crores were approved, much ahead of time to enable timely planning and execution. Under AMRUT, 215 projects worth Rs. 157 crores have already been completed, 1,606 projects worth Rs. 32,459 crores are at various stages of implementation and about 1800 projects worth Rs. 23, 568 crores are under tendering stage.


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